Google World Map


What are you searching for? What is the world searching for? This is the world build out of search queries – a great visualization design project by Christian Lange (student at Fachhochschule Potsdam).
Very interesting what most people are searching for. I thought it might be something like ‘porn’ or ‘sex’. No, people e.g. in the U.S. are searching for ebay!?! WTF!?


There was also an interesting search query map from germany in the german news paper ‘Die Zeit’.

Data Visualization

As a designer we have seen so many different ways to display or visualize information and data. There are histogramms, diagrams, statistics, maps, graphs and charts and so on…

Now there is a great summary of ideas for data presentation!!!

“Let’s take a look at the most interesting modern approaches to data visualization as well as related articles, resources and tools.”