Wild Cooking

What?! So cool! One of my best friends Denise Amann is cooking in a TV show now! I can’t believe it!!

The show on the austrian TV ORF is called Wild Cooking. I didn’t find a way to watch this show in Hamurg so far. May you help me?

If you would like to try the food of Denise right now you can go to her restaurant in vienna (austria) called “noi“.  noi, Payergasse 12, 1160 Wien.



After waiting and hoping for 1,5 years I finally got this envelope with the greencard visa! :)

  • October 5th 2006 – Participation at the greencard lottery 
  • May 10th 2007 – First Letter, win notification 
  • April 1st 2008 – Second Letter, Invitation for the interview in Frankfurt
  • April 10th 2008 – Medical
  • May 6th 2008 – Interview 
  • May 9th 2008 – Third Letter, Visa and passport in my postbox! :)

I am very very happy! I am now planning to move to NYC in autumn… If you can offer a job or/and flat in NYC please let me know!