Symphony in Red

I like that kind of analogous (non-digital) work! Of course it is digital but it seems to be analogous or at least the raw material seems to be analog. In other words it dosent look like a standard software effect… that is what I like.

Credits: Agency: Jung von Matt Hamburg (Germany). Creative Directors: Wolf Heumann, Sascha Hanke, Timm Hanebeck. Copywriters: Moritz Grub, Michael Okun. Production: Sehsucht. Director: Niko Tziopanos
Art Directors: Alexane Heyer, Martin Hess. Producer: Andereas Coutsoumbelis. Post Production: Sehsucht GmbH, Hamburg (Germany). Music: Fazil Say


Web 5.0?

The last days something happened quite often to me. I don’t know why but I run into some kind of asian sites. For example like this.

What is going on in asia? Is there a second internet we don’t know from? Is it even bigger? Will web 5.0 look like this? Will almost the whole web be asian in a few years? Will there be two totally different developments of the web? Will the asian web ever get in touch with the ‘english’ web? So many questions. Very exciting – but, yes, I am kind of afraid!