Neuf Telecom Box: Name dropping

Name dropping at its best! Watch this one and pay attention!

Advertising Agency: Agence .V., Paris, France; Production Company: Les Télécréateurs; Creative Director: Christian Vince; Art Director: Romain Guillon;Copywriter: Pierre Riess;Director: Edouard Deluc;Production Company Producer: Erinn Lothe Guillon; Account Director: Guillaume Gonzague; Account Executive: Johann Thion; Agency Producer: Corinne Persch; Post Production: Home; Sound Production: Tranquille le Chat; Advertising Manager: Isabelle Patard; Art Director Assistant: Nicolas Martinie.


Tiji: The Balloon


Another beautiful ad via

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France;
 Creatives: Pierrette Diaz, Mathieu Elkaim; 
Agency Producer: Floernec Pottiee Sperry;
 Production Company: Wanda Productions, Paris; 
Producer: Jerome Denis;
Director/Animator: Yoann Lemoine;
 Post-Production: Digital District; 
Music: The

Laughing Bear


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Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Stuart Robinson
Art Director: Stuart Robinson
Copywriter: Stuart Robinson
Production Company: RGB Vilnius
Film Director: Richardas Matacius
Production Company Producer: ?omas Kondratavicius
Agency Producer: Dmitry Lashkin
Account Director: Franck Vinchon


No Advertising World

How would our world look without any advertising? Would you like it or not? Skymovies did a advertisement with a world without advertising:

And did a very nice flickr set with empty advertising displays:

Originally uploaded by Tony de Marco

I like the idea to have some areas in our cities without any advertisements! Would be nice to walk around and don’t be disturbed by all the ‘input’.


Symphony in Red

I like that kind of analogous (non-digital) work! Of course it is digital but it seems to be analogous or at least the raw material seems to be analog. In other words it dosent look like a standard software effect… that is what I like.

Credits: Agency: Jung von Matt Hamburg (Germany). Creative Directors: Wolf Heumann, Sascha Hanke, Timm Hanebeck. Copywriters: Moritz Grub, Michael Okun. Production: Sehsucht. Director: Niko Tziopanos
Art Directors: Alexane Heyer, Martin Hess. Producer: Andereas Coutsoumbelis. Post Production: Sehsucht GmbH, Hamburg (Germany). Music: Fazil Say